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I'm a Professional EOS® Implementer helping entrepreneurial leadership teams in Lincoln get everything they want from their businesses. My clients, like Bulu Box, Bluestem Fiber, ComPro, and EyeCare Specialties, get real, simple results.


I implement the proven Entrepreneurial Operating System®: Practical tools that get you vision, traction, and health.


Get leaders 100% on the same page with where you're going and how to get there.


Work with leaders on discipline and accountability, to execute the vision.


Build a healthy and cohesive Leadership Team.

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Let's get what you want from your business.

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John Fulwider

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Four-Minute EOS® Overview

Are These Things Frustrating You?

Your People: They’re not all on the same page, and certainly not rowing in the same direction.

Your Profit: There's not enough of it.

Your Growth: Your business has hit a ceiling, and so (seemingly) have you, no matter what you’ve tried.

Your Solutions: Your people roll their eyes these days at change initiatives because strategy shifts and quick fixes haven’t seemed to work.

Your Control: It seems like your business owns you.

You're Not Alone

More than 3,600 entrepreneurial leadership teams have chosen EOS to fix these frustrations for good.

They all started with a free 90-Minute Meeting.