John Fulwider. Photo by  Jenny Gegg .

John Fulwider. Photo by Jenny Gegg.

John Fulwider

Professional EOS® Implementer, Visionary, and Founder

John M. Fulwider helps entrepreneurs and their leadership teams simplify, clarify, and achieve their vision. John’s a late-blooming entrepreneur himself; he didn’t found his first business until age 30. But the signs were always there, starting as a child reading just two sections of the newspaper—the comics and the business pages—and progressing through highly entrepreneurial career paths working in the news media and higher education.

John’s third business was executive coaching for clients nationwide. He saw it all in seven years working with top leaders, from growth challenges to toxic people. He saw a lot of good as well—getting to help a leadership team navigate a merger that’s resulted in clean drinking water for impoverished areas in seven southern states.

Now, as a Professional EOS® Implementer, all John does is help entrepreneurs and their leadership implement the Entrepreneurial Operating System® (EOS) in their companies. He feels tremendously blessed that he gets to help the owners of great Nebraska companies like EyeCare Specialties, Bulu, Berry Law Firm, ComPro, MultiMechanics, Bluestem Fiber, and Fashion Tec USA grow their businesses in the greatest state in America.

John is deeply loyal to his adopted hometown of Lincoln, Nebraska. He received all three of his degrees from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln; a bachelor’s degree in journalism, followed by master’s and doctoral degrees in political science. He met his wonderful wife of 19 years there. And, they’re raising their three beautiful children there.

John is a happy husband, a proud papa, a fun-loving foodie, and an advocate of alliteration. He has lived and traveled all over the world. He can suggest what to eat, and where, in an impressive number of cities. While he charges a lot for his other services, his advice on eating out is always free.


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