Barry Fisher

We were coming from virtually no structure and only a grand plan or idea of what we wanted to become. John Fulwider, with EOS, provided structure and accountability for us. As we were embarking on a large merger and transitioning into our structure, John provided great guidance and clarity when needed. I've really appreciated how genuine John is when helping us improve our business!

Barry Fisher, sales, Bluestem Fiber

Paul Jarrett

Paul Jarrett

With EOS, you can be super successful, have a great family life, and sleep at night.

EOS is making me a better CEO, husband and father. After a child, every minute on the business is a minute away from my kid. Every minute became valuable. That’s when I’m not afraid to spend money on a Professional Implementer.

Level 10 Meetings are a concrete version of what I’ve been trying to do. They get me out of putting out fires mode and into thinking about creating value and wealth. 

The Marketing Strategy part of the V/TO is huge for me in sales and new business development.

Paul Jarrett, co-founder and CEO, Bulu Box

Greg Dynek

Greg Dynek

Our work with gear80 has helped us clarify Bluestem Fiber's purpose while putting the right people in the right seats as we assimilated three organizations into one in the past 12 months. Many thanks to John Fulwider for his ability to facilitate our annual session with professional acumen, dogged determination and a penchant for punnery.

Greg Dynek, founder and CEO, Bluestem Fiber