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Our work with gear80  has helped us clarify Bluestem Fiber's purpose while putting the right people in the right seats as we assimilated three organizations into one in the past 12 months. Many thanks to John Fulwider for his ability to facilitate our annual session with professional acumen, dogged determination and a penchant for punnery. 

Greg Dynek

Owner & CEO, Bluestem Fiber

Paul Jarrett, Co-Founder and CEO, Bulu Box

On value of Marketing Strategy portion of EOS® Vision Building:

This is huge for me in sales and new business development.

On value of EOS Meeting Pulse:

Level 10 Meetings are a concrete version of what I’ve been trying to do. They get me out of putting out fires mode and into thinking about creating value and wealth. 

On value of investing in a Professional EOS Implementer:

EOS is making me a better CEO, husband and father. After a child, every minute on the business is a minute away from my kid. Every minute became valuable. That’s when I’m not afraid to spend money.


Jay wilkinson, founder and ceo, firespring

John Fulwider is a strategy sage. If you have a chance to work with him or gear80, don't hesitate. Just say yes.

Dean Kattelmann, Associate Vice President-Facilities & Services, South Dakota State University

Everyone understanding our 10-Year Target all the way to our 1-Year Plan in two days was amazing. It really flowed. We've come from reaction to long-term planning.

ines polonius at kansas city fed.jpg

Ines polonius, ceo, communities unlimited

I step away from my conversations with John and I have two things: Very clear next steps, but also the clarity of mind to see, "Oh, here is how I’m going to do that." This gives me enormous confidence to move forward.

Rich Claussen, former EVP/General Manager, Bailey Lauermann

John has a great ability to bring clarity to emotional conversation.

Mike Renken, CEO, NeighborWorks Lincoln

John is like a second brain for me.

Video Testimonials

More than 4,500 companies from every industry have implemented EOS with help from Professional and Certified EOS Implementers. Here are some of their stories. 

Multiple Companies

Zoup: Award-winning soup, salad, and sandwiches.

Detroit Radiator Corp.: Manufacturer, re-manufacturer and distributor of aftermarket cooling product solutions serving the HD transportation, commercial, industrial, and agricultural industries.

Brogan & Partners: Marketing agency.

Image One: Managed print services.

Image one

Managed print services.

Sachse Construction

Premium commercial construction services nationwide.

Brogan & Partners

Marketing agency.